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Jari teaches currently at several Elixia studios in capital area. Itis, Hertsi, Redi, Tapiola, Iso Omena and Länsiväylä.


Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and located by the sea. The nature is everywhere around the city: sea, forest, small lakes and silence can be found just out of the city.


At Helsinki, we have trained a group of facilitators in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Larry "Rocketman" Schultz. Most of them are still teaching at studios and gyms. Right now we have 4 former It's Yoga teachers at Elixia, which offers about 100 classes of Yoga each week!


Most of the Elixia centers are located along the metro line. Easy to access.


Jari opened a Studio in Helsinki in 2012, which was running until 2017, when he switched over to Eilixia. We trained many Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teachers during those years. The spirit of the Vinyasa as taught by Larry "Rocketman" Schultz - still lives and continues to spread in the Nordics with these wonderful teacher.


Inbodhi - A Yoga Circle is an international family of like-minded yoga schools, facilitators and practitioners. In Helsinki there Jari is leading facilitating all classes and events together with friends that join in to support. Jari's purpose is to share the philosophy and love for the practice and build a thriving community here in Helsinki.



When you are ready to join in the teacher trainings, please let us know, and we can start planning the events in Helsinki.




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Elixia offers 20€ a day visitor pass. Or monthly plans.



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