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Corralejo & Surroundings

 Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain


Fuerteventura is said to be a "European Hawaii" and it's all true!


This beautiful, all-year-long summer never ends. Chilled & vivid surf city Corralejo is a perfect nest for creating a connection with Yoga while living the "island life".


Everything is within a (beach) walk distance, and you can swim in the ocean before/after and in the pauses of our training days. Located in the north of the island, Corralejo has a great variety of thoughtful vegetarian and vegan cafes & restaurants, Live music played in the streets every night. The average temperature will stay around 24 celsius.


Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain


After 8 years of studio activity, Inbodhi Yoga Fuerteventura became one of our satellite locations,  offering residential teacher trainings and events as well as winter classes (during YTT) and workshops in, near and around Corralejo, Fuerteventura. 

Salla founded The Academy Of Inner Alchemy (online) & is traveling to other Inbodhi locations as a trainer & co-facilitator. 


Teacher Trainings are located in the North of the island, in Corralejo, about 30min. bus drive from Puerto del Rosario (the island capital). Fuerteventura is the 6th island, there are seven (like Chakras) in between Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. The island is known of its long beaches (over 150 beaches and 300km of coastline), and as a famous surfing & kite surf destination.


Inbodhi Yoga Fuerteventura is directed by Salla since 2015.  This island is a hOMecoming for over +5000 yogis who found their ways to Inbodhi in Fuerteventura over the years. Together we continue to evolve, to breathe in the island life, and to remember what is really important in THIS LIFE.


This practice has capacity to change yourself & your life - Welcome to Fuerteventura!


Since I became a Rocket trainer in 2015, I have consistently led Teacher Trainings, all 200hr, 100/50hr. Hundreds of graduates from Fuerteventura are now all around the world practicing and teaching themselves and their people to breathe and move with awareness in their lives. That totally melts my heart!   Read more

The Academy Of Inner Alchemy


Over the past year I finished my studies and became a licensed LCA® Psychological Resilience Coach (ACT Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and a LCAF Life Coach®. Read more about the Yoga Off the mat, Life (changing) Coaching  & mentoring programs online in The Academy of Inner Alchemy   Read more



Like all Inbodhi centres, we offer 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings as well as 30hour immersions.


Teacher Trainings
Online Yoga Off the mat


Off the mat & Life Coaching


The Academy of Inner Alchemy

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Yoga Off the mat Online Courses

I take courageous women from overwhelmed to connected, peaceful and committed to themselves so that all life experiences (past/future) can start to make sense, bring clarity, presence and genuine self guidance, compassion and empowerment in life. Learn to stand on your own side no matter what. This course is a JOURNEY TO YOU, with you, through you... (read more)


Yoga Classes

November & December


Please, message to pre-book your spot & to get the location info! +34 673 843 982 Salla

ROCKET YOGA WORKSHOP - fun & flying!

Sunday 26th November 11:30 (90min) 20


Wednesday at 17:30 (60min)

Classes during 22.11. - 13.12.2023 

Drop-in 10


Wednesdays at 9:00 (60min) 

Pay what you want - class


Location: by the Waikiki (restaurant) in front of big rocks. Please take your own towel / mat for the beach class! Beach classes are happening from November until mid March.

YIN YOGA WEEK (16-20th December, 2023)

16.12. Saturday Yin Yoga at 10:00 (60min) & 17:00 (90min)

17.12. Sunday Yin Yoga at 9:30 (60min) &  17:00 (90min)

18.12. Monday Yin Yoga at 9:30 (60min) & 17:00 (60min)

19.12. Tuesday Yin Yoga at 9:30 (60min) & 17:00 (60min)

20.12. Wednesday Beach Yin Yoga at 9:00 (60min)

Drop in: 60-75min 10€ / 90min. 15€

ROCKET YOGA WEEKEND (29-31st December 2023)

29.12. Friday Rocket at 9.30 (60min) & 17:00 Rocket  (90min)

30.12. Saturday Rocket at 9:30 &  

16:00 Handstand Workshop + 17:00 Rocket class 


Sunday 10:00 Full Primary & 15:30 Rocket Party & Relaxation (60min)

Drop in: 60min 10€ / 90min. 15€ 

Saturday workshop + yoga class 20€

Contact for more info & to pre-book all your classes!

Whatsapp (message only) +34 673 843 982 / Salla

The best thing to do to find yourself in Fuerteventura highly reccomended!


I can only recommend to visit this magical island. Thank you for awakening me! 


Classes are led with profound knowledge AND fun! Will be back.



”Salla has created a warm, loving environment in Inbodhi Yoga Fuerteventura Yoga studio that welcomes everybody and she really meets you where you are at the moment. It’s a supportive, lovely place where you can grow freely and feel the love she puts in everything she teaches. Thanks for this transformational experience, it was the right decision and the right time to come here to this beautiful island.”


(Modules 1, 2 & 3)


“I’ve been coming to Salla’s classes for the past 6 years and it has been transformational! The classes but even more the Teacher Trainings. Life changing experience for me. It goes so much deeper into all layers of the practice and also of life. If you are serious about Yoga Teacher Training - come here! Salla is an inspiring, authentic, loving and very experienced trainer.”


(Module 1 & 2)

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Inbodhi Yoga Fuerteventura

  Corralejo  |  Fuerteventura

WhatsApp message (only) +34 673 843 982

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