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10 ideas how to stay peaceful in 2021

Lately it seems that the world is taking sides. So it is even more important to stay centred and take what you have to do what you can. How to practice yogic mindset in the year 2021? What are the small steps everyone can take to make the world a better place that don't involve the C-word.

I will write down few things you can do for the world and people without a lot of effort. Hopefully it will inspire you a bit, how to practice compassion, but I will write the things down mainly for myself for the reminder.

1. I will smile more to people. Even if they pump into me in a public transport or do something that would normally irritate me. I will smile to people walking on streets. Let's see how far I can go with that. I will smile to everyone. (Even when wearing a mask - I will still do it, so that the eyes will smile!)

2. I will pick an organisation or theme I will donate my money or time. I will pick one theme and stay true to that with giving my energy. I will share this theme honestly with my friends and other people. I will stand for those who need it and maybe can not do it by themselves.

3. I will reduce the use of plastic and single use object. I will educate and inspire people around me to do the same. Like for example I will not buy coffee, if I don’t have my own cup with me.

4. I will sort my things (like clothes I don’t use) and take them to a charity. Or find someone directly who won't need them, not just throw things away.

5. If I see a person in need, I will stop and help. For example give the extra cents I have to a street art performer or help to pay a bill for a person in front of me. I will give seat to people in public transport or pay for a persons coffee who is standing behind me in a shop.

6. I will listen. I will not give advice no-one hasn’t asked for.

7. I will surprise my close ones with something I am good at. For example give massage or cook for them. Or offer a private yoga class. I will remember the people I love.

8. If I like something someone has done, I will say that to him or her. Loudly.

9. I will drive calmly with my car. I will let people to drive in front of me and stop pushing and speeding.

10. I will be better towards myself. I will say to myself that I am good enough and I will stop criticising myself for things I would never criticise others for. I will not read comments about myself.


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