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Alexis Kreus

When did my weekly journey to yoga begin to soothe the monkeys that hit the plates in my head? My first experience with yoga was when I was about ten years old and my mother took me with her for the classes. It was Hatha Yoga that gave me a nice break between other workouts, as I remember it for myself. At that moment, I probably didn't even understand why I was going there, because probably I was expecting some more tension, but after that, I felt indescribably well.

In the meantime, however, I missed a few years of yoga and were playing volleyball, dancing and athletics to squeeze out excess energy. To be honest, in addition to yoga, I still like HIIT, barre and boxing training, because active meditation helps me fight anxiety in fast and chaotic times. At one point, while graduating from the University in Sustainable Development, I felt that my body was getting tired of endless workouts and needed a new rhythm to relieve my tired mind. I found Vinyasa for myself again, which gave me physical exertion, brought me closer to the centre of my femininity through bends, and widened my heart space, giving me room for my inner voice. Mat became my safe place, always accepting me as I was and letting me quietly untie myself. The feeling that I wanted to become a yoga teacher to share the feeling I feel on the mat and bring it closer to people began to develop inside me.

Having worked in many different places that consumed me spiritually and did not offer me much, in one Spring I had the opportunity to take a break and ask myself, what is it that brings me joy? In an instant, the answer was so clear that through so many years, yoga had always carried me and existed in my life. After fifteen years of practice, I finally went to the Inbodhi 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training and from there to the Children's Yoga training. And here I am now - ready to share that joy with you!


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