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Become a yoga teacher through the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

In Autumn one girl wrote to me if our yoga teacher training is registered at Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (Eesti Töötukassa). It is a fund through which you can go to yoga training for free.

All things straight, then this applies of course if you are registered with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and probably living in Estonia. I hadn't even thought about it, but when I started thinking, I understood right away how logic that is. Four years ago, I had no idea what to do with my life.

First I became a trainer in a local gym

I was exactly that person who four years ago switched her job to the yoga teacher's job and started working in a gym called MyFitness Estonia at that time.

Now I am more of a freelancer and an entrepreneur, as I know that working only as a yoga teacher can be quite challenging. But still, I thought, if someone had only told me, that I could register myself at the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and go to a yoga teacher training for free, I would have done it. I had been travelling for a long for the money I had collected and invested the last savings I had to a 200hr training. It was a perfect focus group - I wanted to change the direction in my life but wasn't sure what to do next.

At that time instead of going to any of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund workshops, I just went to the teacher training with the same purpose - to understand, what to do next. Plus I wanted to learn the physical asana sequence, so I could practice at home for free and didn't have to pay for the gym ever again. The fact that I started to teach yoga was just a bonus for all the rest.

Only then I started to organize yoga teacher trainings

So now, when I was asked the question if we offer trainings through the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, I went right away to see what do they have there right now. There were only two trainings at that moment, so I registered us right away too, so you can go and attend our trainings. Now they already have even more to choose from.

I couldn't be happier, because even if you don't want to teach yoga and would just like some answers and clarity in your life, then now through the teacher trainings you can get them. There will be so much happier people around us now.

One thing more - the moment I was searching for the yoga trainings at Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund I was at the hairdresser and we were talking about, how I never registered myself there when I was unemployed because I didn't want to go all the time somewhere and talk with them about my stuff. A girl next to me interrupted us and said, that nowadays you don't even have to go anywhere, but can do everything through the internet. She was just fininśhing one yoga teacher training through there. Oh, if I had only known that 4 years ago.

Invest in yourself, because... where else?

Although I think there is also beauty in investing my own money in my wellbeing as well.

Next training is coming up soon - so just check out here what dates work for you in Tallinn!


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