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Can everyone practice yoga?

Let me tell you a little bit about Michèle Anne Barocchi from Italy. She is a director of Inbodhi Yoga Firenze and received her Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases and Immunity from the University of California, Berkeley in 2003. She has facilitated yoga classes and trainings over 20 years.

In August of 2015, Michèle was in a nearly fatal accident, her left leg amputated by an oncoming car. Her journey in yoga and life has deepened by this transformative experience. Now she is certified by the Krishnamacharya Yoga and Healing Foundation (KYHF) in Chennai, India as a certified Vedic Chant teacher, with her teacher Menaka Desikachar. Besides that Michèle is also a Transformational Breath facilitator.

I have also been on her breath-work classes and each time it has been overwhelmingly beautiful. It increases oxygenation throughout the body and improves energy levels. It stimulates circulation and balances the flow of energy through the body. It resolves addictions and improves well-being for many conditions and ailments such as Stress Reduction, Respiratory ailments, Headaches, Low energy, Psychosomatic illnesses, Anaerobic diseases, and many others. I understood being in my body a whole different way after this work.

In many languages, the soul and breath have the same meaning. Michèle always talks a bit about science between everything and I love that. For me, it is noticeable, that my inhale is lighter than the exhale. Through three different times, I got to know how this has affected my quality of life - like for in case of asthma problems. It is all connected - like when you hold your breath when you are scared.

I met her while my 300hr yoga teacher training when she started to practice Rocket again. Look at the picture below, isn't she inspiring. She said, “It's like The Rocket never left my body."

So you tell me in the comments - what do you think? Can everyone practice yoga?


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