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Can Yoga make you happier?

Do you sometimes feel, that you keep saying only those things that are wrong in your life, instead of saying out loud - I am happy. I have walked a long way and I am happy.

After every yoga class, I love to say to the students to thank themselves for showing up. And to thank their body for serving them. You have your own journey and battles, no one else knows nothing about it. So be kind, like the famous quote says. You have no idea about the life of this bus driver who shut the door just in front of you and left you standing in the snow. Try being kind even if you don't want to. Because really you are kind to yourself that way.

One of my favorite Estonian actress Merle Palmiste once said to me - when you are young, you worry a lot about what others think of you. When you get older, you think that I don't care what they think about me. And finally, you realize, that no one has never thought anything about you, because everyone has so much to do with themselves.

Usually, if someone does or says something about you, just remember, that it says lot more about the other person than you.

I am happy. I have never thought that money and happiness are connected. There is a saying, that only the rich can say that. Coming from a poor family, I can say that yes, I am rich, but money has nothing to do with it. It never has. I am curious and because of that always eager to learn and experience things. And that has made me rich and happy. Yoga has made me happier.

I love to travel and see the culture. I know how heartbreak feels and I know how love feels. That makes me rich. I have and am still learning the beauty of forgiving. Forgiving others and forgiving myself. I am happy I have the opportunity to be a mother. To have the opportunity to see a human being growing and the opportunity to learn from her.

I am happy that I am alive.


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