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No more back pain for you

You can learn from your own experience the most. Inbodhi has a beautiful quote from Larry Schultz: "Practice what you teach and teach what you practice." Spine Balance facilitator Enely Jääger is a perfect example of that quote. Here is her story.

"Many years ago a car accident happened with me, but what I didn't know is that this was going to be one of the most important chapters in my life. With this event, back pain came to my life and it got worse every day until one moment I couldn't come up from my bed anymore. Despite all the analyses, x-rays and procedures that were made to find out the reason behind this back pain, no one seemed to know anything and I was set on my way with a bunch of painkillers and a diagnosis that probably I will end up in a wheelchair."

Enely is such a beautiful and strong woman that she decided that she will find her own way to heal, or like she so sparkly adds: "Wheelchair just was not part of my plans."

"I had heard of yoga before, but no one among my friends was practicing it. Although now yoga is very popular, then 25 years ago in Estonia I got the vibe that yoga is more like a religion to people, so there were not many yoga teachers around. By lucky fortune, I found a great teacher that is still my colleague until today. From the first class, I knew that I am in the right place and so did my aching body. I kept practicing regularly for months until my back pain started to fade bit by bit until it was gone totally. I had already gotten used to living with pain 24/7, so when they were suddenly gone, it felt weird and like bliss at the same time."

Enely did not stop there, she turned a new page in her life and started to surf.

"At first I was afraid that my spine can not take the insensitivity of the training, but thanks to yoga my back was so much stronger than before, that not only kept I surfing, but I also started snowboarding. I can spend the entire day at the sea or on the mountain without any back bain thanks to yoga."

Love for yoga lead Enely to her next chapter, so she started her 4-year long international yoga teacher training in the year of 2007.

"I really wanted to share my love for yoga with everyone so I started to work as a teacher straight away. I met more and more people, who had different needs for the support they had not received from traditional medicine, so it was natural for me to go and study yoga therapy right after I had finished my yoga teacher trainings. I got my certification as an international yoga therapist at 2014 and knew right away that I want to share that valid knowledge with others.

A lot of my students had issues with the spine and neck, so I started to focus more and more on those areas in my yoga and therapy work. As I know there are about 80% of people in the world that have experienced back pain. Very often it will be a pain that keeps you companies until the end of your life. Back pain can be a reason for being tired and not motivated to work. People may get used to the pain, not knowing that there are yoga and breathing exercises that will help you get rid of the pain completely."

"I know this feeling - having a limited abilities to move. I want to support people from my own experience."

"Yoga and therapy have thought me to connect with the outside world through my body. As young you go through life carelessly and sometimes may not even notice the way you are treating your body. I have heard a saying that your age is the percent you have used your body. So the older you get, the more you start to appreciate being strong and healthy.

In 2010 I made a decision to run a marathon and I did in the year of 2011. As I crossed the finish line with thousands of other runners, I felt how anything is possible if I really want it. To run a marathon, I need to be healthy, so I keep regularly practicing yoga, to stay healthy."

"I want to empower everyone to be confident and strongwilled with fulfilling their dreams."


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