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Six Myths of Yoga

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I talked with my girlfriends about yoga and found out that there are some hilarious things people think about yoga that I didn't remember I thought. But yeah, let's be honest. I did too 6 years ago. So here they are - 6 yoga myths.

Myth number 1 - You have to be flexible!

I think that is the main thing everyone still says to me as an excuse for not joining a yoga class. Okay, if it is news for you, I will write it down - you don't have to be flexible to do yoga. By doing yoga, you may get more flexible, but it is definitely not something you need before the class. I love the students who cannot touch their toes.

Myth number 2 - This class is too easy or too hard for me!

Yoga is yoga. It can be intensive or calm. It can be challenging or total rest. The beauty of yoga is that you can choose what works for you. Starting with what kind of class or teacher you want to go to - and even when already in the class you can choose the energy and the effort you want to put into the mat today. I always say to students - if you want to rest the whole class in savasana, be my quest. And if you want to do push-ups for 75 minutes, I will not stop you either. Or maybe kindly say that you are doing well and can have a break too.

Myth number 3 - Savasana is a waist of time!

Savasana is a final resting pose when the students are all lying on their backs. Some people think that it is not necessary and I would like to think that this is not a common belief. I have met teachers who invite people into savasana and start to loudly pack her own stuff at the same time, preparing to leave the gym. So as I am trying to relax, someone is cleaning her mat next to me. I have also seen that when I say 'savasana' to students, they start to leave, because the class has ended... and then I say that this is the most important pose, where the physical practice can really soak in.

Myth number 4 - I need to shower after yoga!

It doesn't matter if you sweated or not, it is advised to not wash at least 30 minutes after the practice. But yeah, I think it is everyone's own choice. Who knows, maybe you have an important family meeting just after. But just so you know, if you don't want to shower, then yoga supports that feeling.

Myth number 5 - I need special clothing and props to do yoga!

Cool if you have comfortable clothing and maybe a yoga mat, but you do not need them. You can practice naked at home on your carpet. In studios, there are usually mats and you also don't need fancy leggings - just comfortable clothes like trousers and a t-shirt are good enough. If you like yoga blocks and belts and don't want to spend money, use books, pillows, blankets and belts or towels. It's all good, no judgment - come as you are.

Myth number 6 - I need mirrors to see my pose!

In yoga, it does not matter how the pose looks, but how it feels. The teacher will lead you into safe adjustments and your body will tell you how to modify. As much as there are different bodies, the poses will look different. So the mirrors can even disturb when the students will try to get the form of a pose rather than the function. I have been asked a lot - what should I feel? And I always give the same answer that one time my teacher told me - exactly what you are feeling. By Marilyn.


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