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Body Mind Journaling

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

What happened?

- It was a journey through the Self with the Self to the Self

Body Mind Journal 18.2.2018 by Salla

"What a beautiful practice.

Things started to move in Warriors. Left side Warrior One. Suddenly a huge wave of appreciation for the body and for the movement it creates in me. I opened to Warrior Two, arms in the back and in the future - me standing right there in the middle of NOW - connected to my strength in my Light. Five deep breaths. Tears fell on my face, totally unexpectedly, without any kind of emotional warning. The release (real-ease) took a physical form. A TEAR... and I heard the Inner Teacher calling for a handstand. So I turned and lifted up with the wall and stayed effortlessly in my empower and at ease upside down.

Then the cry came. The sequence kept going and I stayed with it. I took a step back from Ujjayi. Poses were coming & going, something in me was coming and going too. I felt open for a moment and for Yoga. I received, surrendered. Pachimottanasanas... I floated with the normal breath. Thoughts were like whisperers: Energy of A Female. Clear. Clarity. Keep on going it's good.

In Purvottanasana tabletop the Ujjayi entered again - and I could feel how it was moving through me like a wind in Fuerte, washing some stagnant corners and the stiff fragments in me, in my head, in my body. The unreal faced the real. It took a while to get back to the rhythm again. My nose was running and I felt a need to blow my nose but somehow I didn't want to step out from my mat to get the paper. The moment was so precious, blowing a nose so "ordinary". So I let it be, like it was meant to be, sniffing through the unknown... the moment made me laugh a bit... felt a relief to be in this!

Eventually, the ocean calmed itself and I could surf the wave of my breath freely. "What was it" was not even important. What was important was that it was, i.e it did happen and I was willing to be and move with it.

It's all so beautiful. Appreciation is HUGE, so full and filling. I'm grateful for Yoga, and for myself to go though these (inner) moves - to be there and not knowing and to be HERE and knowing: it is Yoga, always has been. The Union that moves me emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and intellectually. My love, again and again and again. Namasté."

Free-style writing Body Mind Journal by Salla from Sunday Full Primary with Michèle in Tenerife 500Hours Training


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