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Freedive - One Deep Breath Towards Your Dreams

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Yoga off the mat journaling reflections after watching the Freediving document.

Written by Salla - the founder of Inbodhi Yoga Fuerteventura & Journey to You - Alchemy of Change

Last night I stayed awake watching a document about freediving. I found myself thinking: Who wants to dive so deep with only one breath? Why do they risk their lives? I didn't get it. They do it to get their names on a record? Or to get a medal and admiration?

As it evoked strong feelings and these judgemental thoughts, I was guided to journal about it in the following morning. I asked myself: What's this for me? What I'm learning here? Accepting the truth I know very well that we are all unique and different, and on our own paths? That we all have right to have our own goals and dreams, even our dreams would not make sense to anybody else...

Why did it bother me so much that someone wants to dive over 100m deep ocean with one breath?

I guess because that would be a nightmare for me. So what's up with that fear? - I continued, and it paused me there for a while...

These are the big questions of courage & life, and I realized I might not have a clear answer to it, and every individual would anyway have own perspectives to it.

However... In a way freediving is about shifting belief of what's possible for an individual and how far one can go with a relaxed and meditative mindset.

Hmm... there was something tangible. Let me go deeper into this, I said to myself and kept on journaling.

"Maybe this work that I do is my freedive -
and this life that I live is my ocean"

Isn't it a bit the same what I do for example as a spiritual practitioner and a yogic entrepreneur? I move deep into my purpose of this practice / work, and move forward to grow into direction of my guidance and leader within. We all have a choice to make about our focus and mission (Dristhi) in this life, and maybe this practice / work that I do is my freedive, and this life that I live is my ocean.

Okay. I'm getting there. Keep on going...

Maybe every time I take a deep breath to dive into the depth of why I do this all / my mission - I also inspire someone else to follow their own inner lead.

Maybe it's not so much about that one "record dive" but more (again) about the JOURNEY that makes that one dive possible. The commitment to the practice, the consistency and the breath.

All those little milestones on the way that lead to the moment of complete TRUST -

"I can do this."

"I was born to do this."

"This is what I was called to do in this lifetime."

The goal is to feel a sense of flow and ease with what you do

Knowing that there is a life line (or a rope they have when the diver goes deep) that will lead the way deep and back up - almost like a purpose, that can lead a yogi towards deep practice and integration. The daily action plan to follow that creates structure for a life of a yogic entrepreneur.

Something to hold on and a guiding light in a depth of the big blue sea.

And how she shared (the diver in the document) that after a certain meters the ocean starts to pull the diver - and she gets into this state of "Free Fall" - maybe this is the commitment part of the journey. You can trust that the meditative flow will guide you when you strengthen its presence in your life = spend time with it. You know what you are meant to BE-DO-HAVE, and there is a sense of flow and ease in what you do.

This practice / work (Yoga on and off the mat) moves oneself internally, and externally.

It can shape our thoughts, beliefs, words, vibrations and actions - daily, when we are open to learn from it, and to be of service for it.

I know I was born to do this, to support those who are hearing the call for the JOURNEY. Those who are willing and enthusiast to walk the talk - to dive in & with the intuitive connection of Svadhyaya, the study of Self from the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

I do the (inner) work so that I can continue share the love of the practice, to resolve and release the fear and remember the love. I give myself a wholehearted permission to follow that mission, and that's the only permission I / or you /or we need on the way.

Being authentic, showing up, clarifying the message & learning every day again to be the change you want to see in others, and in this world. Not perfect, but consistent. Honest.

Holding a vision of a connected community who lives this life with purpose and with bigger meaning - inspiring, accepting, forgiving and loving themselves (first) unconditionally and making an impact to those around.

I value inner peace & connection, even through the depths of my ocean.

And so what I value - belongs to me.

I belong to this practice.

- And so do you.

You who are reading the energy of what's written here - the energy of believing in yourself, of moving towards what makes your heart beat and what you value in your life. You are reading this because these words were meant to find you today.

So, one deep breath? Let's dive IN. Take a moment to think something that challenged you lately, and ask yourself: What this got to do with me?

The deeper you go, the more you will discover about yourself.

Namaste. Thank you for reading!

With much love, Salla

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