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Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Or Watch poses (thoughts, feelings) appearing and disappearing!

Body mind journaling after the Rocket practice in Inbodhi Yoga Algarve Rocket (and more) Retreat March 2023, written by Salla (founder of Inbodhi Yoga in Fuerteventura)

Day 3 Tuesday in Algarve

"The Rocket - WHAT A TRIP again!

Michèle put her music on at the beginning of the practice and I knew immediately: "This practice will be remembered forever". Just taking steps towards the healing journey - Sunsalutes. Sky. Earth. Palms. Navel. Breath. Right, left.

One movement and breath at the time, waiting for the wave to build up, knowing it will come. Almost like the ship that is meant to sail the big waves must feel when it leaves the harbour and navigates towards the big blue ocean. Here we go, steady ready...

Tree pose. Sky. Just so deep connection to the ground under my feet = to this moment. Being right here, right now.

"See how BIG you can be in this pose" I hear her saying.

"See where you're still holding on".

I know this practice like myself. I know myself through my breath. Just like in Tenerife 2018, the wave of emotion broke down when we got into the seated sequence. Stepping out from the Ujjayi - creating space for the breath to Just Be - to surf the waves. Tears. Falling down my face. At the same time feeling empty and all fulfilled and whole. Allowing all things, moving through it with ease, gentleness and with awareness. Vinyasa - to move "Vi" and to settle "nyasa" with each breath. Again? again Yoga whispered, firmly. See where you are still holding on. Okay, I will. Knowing this journey was meant for me, for my awareness, for my healing and for my vision of living THIS LIFE - and therefore through me to others too.

Being open for it. Awake. Soft. Ekapada Bakasana! WHERE did that come from?! :D

It wasn't muscle strenght - it was an energetic lift. Effortless, free and so out of surprise after 5 years, the pregnancy and a baby. I guess you could read a word "WHAT!?" from my face right after. Michèle smiling back: "Watching poses appearing and disappearing, right?"

And this is what the rocket is about. The consistency and the willingness - not the physical form of Eka Pada but the mental state in it. The mind takes direction, the body becomes free. The sense of letting go of controlling the physical (material) form and allowing the energy (the breath and the bandhas) to lift up - to be lifted - by it.

Second side with the thinking mind (didn't happen :) )

- The practice is happening and here I am for it. And the best thing about this is that when this practice is finished, I know - there will be another one (and another one).

Rocket or breathwork, or lines on a book that resonates or music that takes the breath away, the call from the friend, the hug from the partner... the juice of living this life. The nectar of being who you are, as you are - happy, and free.

The practice is THERE and I'm there. What Yoga is really teaching to me is to be in a present moment, to see the movements of the mind, and waves of the emotions - and to identify with the spirit, with the eternal, universal part of me.

Yoga moves you physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually - energetically, spiritually... towards that moment where all is. I choose to keep it in my life. I turn towards it. I take my "stuff" to it (like Satchidananda says in his interpretation of Yoga Sutras in a book 1, sutra 2) "The restraint of the modifications of the mind-STUFF is Yoga"

I modify by softening and surrendering with the journey of the self. Ego wants me to distract. Inner teacher reminds me to be grateful for the distraction. Knowing that everything is part of the bigger plan, and I am part of that plan (and you, and he and they are too). Part of the life force that not only moves me, but everyone else too. The Prana for the thinking mind, for the feeling body or for the waves in the ocean (the waves in me) and the wind in a trees (the breath in me).

The prana that makes those birds to sing to each other, can you hear?

We were born to express it, the universal connection. The Sky. You and me, we together.

I believe the doubt and hesitation lives only in the human mind - and we can "Chitta Vritti" it by turning our minds towards something as simple as the breath.

Yoga is a reminder. Just like the waves in the ocean are not part of the ocean but the ocean... I don't have a breath... I am my breath."

Thank you for reading, I felt guided to share it with YOU. See you in the Inbodhi events and circles! Namaste, with you in this


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